I've decided to set up a blog to help keep everyone updated on Lynn's progress. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts. Since I haven't always been able to answer each of your calls and texts, you can get updates on the blog. Please feel free to comment as I will be sharing this blog with Lynn as he recovers.

Also, posts before March 28 will say they were posted by my daughter because we set up the blog under her email address.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

As I suspected, the last 2 days have been pretty quiet. Lynn does keep his eyes open for longer periods of time but he has not spoken since that time on Thursday. However, the nurse did report to me that he repeated the word "Hi" Thursday night for her. Some of the times he has his eyes open, he seems as though he is still asleep with his eyes open, and then once in a while, he will appear more awake and he will focus on you and look around. It's always a guessing game. But we all have to continue to be patient. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


Unknown said...

I am glad that you are seeing progress. He's going to surprise everyone! Denise